Designs for Office Artwork

We thought it might be nice to finally get a few pieces of our design work onto the office walls, to brighten the place up a bit. Here are some of the examples we have used. This includes brand and website design for the likes of Money Supermarket, Carphone Warehouse,, E2save, Experian and also our in house B2B software Jackdaw and Magpie.

Jackdaw moneysupermarket experian tedbaker clearchannel e2save tightsplease



This is the design for the book – Making Creative Knowledge Cities – by the ACRE research project.

Holidaysplease Printed Adverts

This was a quick and simple print design and photography job for Luxury holidays company – Holidaysplease. The photograph was taken in Fazeley Studios, Birmingham and the advert is to promote their homeworkers scheme.